28th April 2017

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم


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animation/ Fox and a Mouse/Oscars 2016 - Nominated Short Film

Best Short Animations;Take the Bus /Studio Birdbox

The Animation Film of "The Weight of Being" by Hamid ...

10th International Animation Festival Fest Anča-Slovakia

Merry Christmas /Animation by Rollin Wild

The Fly - Oscar Short Animated Film-1980

The Cow by Alexander Petrov/ Oscar for Best Animation-2000

Hotel Transylvania 2/Animation-Trailer

The Power of Teamwork/Short animation by Pixar-2014

The Secret Life Of Pets/Animation

The Employment By Santiago Grasso-Argentina/7 Minutes/Best Animation

Destiny The Best Short Animation Film-2015

Best Animation/The Old Man And The Sea/Alexander Petrov-Russia

Best Animation Guernica in 3rd

Best Animation/Street By Caroline Leaf