14th March 2017

Gallery Of Paintings By Aaron Brent Harker - Usa.

Born Salt Lake City, Utah 1977
All of my life I have been intrigued and amazed with the unending and ever changing beauty of this visual world that surrounds and includes us. 
Life is an endless well of inspiration for the creative mind. 
Since I was a young boy I have felt compelled to express this through the art of drawing and painting.
When one spends time outdoors observing and interacting with our natural world there are moments that happen when the world around us becomes magical, or extra-beautiful. 
Nature reveals itself to you. 
This can be something tiny like seeing a frog embryo developing in a mossy puddle of water. 
The beginnings of life. Or something huge like gazing out at our solar system far away from the influence of city lights, seeing the stars like you never have before.
It can be something subtle like one trees particular shape and flow. 
This is when we artists are given a glimpse into the secret geometry of beauty. 
The more we observe the more we understand. These moments create an emotion and impulse in me that can only be satisfied through the art of painting and drawing.


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